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Frequently asked questions:

1 bag is used for 1.8 – 2 hectares.

One unit branded Atlanta Seed contains 80 000 kernels/seeds/, sorted and treated with fungicide Metalaxil M.

The recommended sowing rate is 40 000-42 000 kernels/seeds per hectare.

Germination is minimum 94 %.

Depends on your soil and climatic conditions, if they are normal between 90 and 96%

The soil should not be sandy and stony. Soil has to be good, hard neutral Ph. Seeds and plants like water. If a farmer has more sandy soil, it will need irrigation.

No, Stripy F1 is neither CL nor Express. It is a conventional sunflower. However, regular soil type herbicides which are used commonly for sunflower fields, can be applied.

At common climatic conditions between 2.5 and 3.5 t/ha, under irrigation 3.5 and 4.5 t/ha. In case of drought under 2 t/ha.

Yes, they can. Using a desiccant can be done in very rainy summer and autumn, which will prolong the vegetation of plants.

Yes. Seed is NON GMO.

No, seed is shiny and clean. NON fungus are observed on the surface of seed after harvesting.

The purity is 99,8%, moisture is 6-7%.

The seeds are packed in paper three-layer insulated bags branded AtlantaSeed.

All requirements according to the European standards are kept. Blue OECD/ISTA certified label is tagged with all information according requirements.

Yes. We use regular European size pallets.

Yes. The origin of seed production is Turkey.

Yes, ISTA/OECD Quality certificate is a must and
will be provided.

In general, no distance is required from other sunflowers. But if it is possible to keep distance from other sunflowers, 100 meters is OK.

There will be two fractions: 1st – 160 g/1000 seeds; 2nd – 130 g/1000 seeds.

At non-irrigation conditions: 170-175 cm, at irrigation: 180 cm.

Our recommendation is: 40 000-42 000 seeds/ha, which is approximately 70 cm between rows and 32-35 cm between plants.

It is low tolerant to Orobanche. Relatively tolerant to other diseases.

We suggest NOT to use Stomp Extra because of potential damages. Gardoprim is a good option for soil application. Pictor as a Fungicide is also a good option.


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