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ValueMix: Bledor SAS Fly

ValueMix Bledor SAS Fly®  Enables the successful cultivation of two cereal crops (without crop rotation). Keeps the take-all and other soil diseases under control.

Species Variety Percentage
Purple Vetch
Hairy Vetch
Brown mustard

Technology: SAS Fly technology enables the broadcasting of seeds using a rotary spreader instead of a seed drill. The seeds are coated with natural ingredients to ensure even distribution. This more efficient seeding method significantly reduces diesel costs and time. The patented coating also attracts moisture, aiding in better crop establishments.
Suitable for feed: No
Number of Seeds / m²: 126
Plant before: winter wheat & barley or spring crops




Nitrogen fixation

Boost phosphorus

Boost potassium

Soil erosion control

Soil compaction relief

Water retention

Weed suppression

Pest/Disease management

Additional nitrogen available to next crop: ~46 kg/ha (estimation only, as depending on numerous production factors and thus cannot be guaranteed)
Estimated speed of nitrogen release: moderate/fast

Recommended application:


Summer after cereal, 10 days before harvest | Broadcasting is strongly recommended

Sowing rate:

20 kg/ha


Sensitive to frost. Likely no termination required (in a case of no full natural destruction, terminate no later than 40 days before sowing subsequent crops).

Field management:

Limited or no-till recommended. No changes to normal practices required. Irrigation not required


The mix benefits from the S.A.S FLY coating which improves its ballistic ability and crop establishment. The VITTASSO brown mustard is a late variety, allowing to maximize the glucosinolate content (sinigrin). Those glucosinolates reduce the take-all and the fusarium wilt - Allowing for successive cultivation of two cereal crops year after year. High nitrogen fixation due to the BINGO & MASSA vetches.

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